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About Us

Lucas Aney and Thomas Jensen are two young musicians who, in their first days of college in 2021, found common ground in their passion for funk music. After listening to each other play in their Jazz Performance classes, they quickly gained an appreciation for their respective talents and started jamming together.  Their musical abilities complemented each other's skill and style, and they began writing songs together in Thomas' dorm room.

Over the following year, they formed the band Telula and spent countless hours honing their craft and learning how to professionally record, produce, and release music, all out of their dorm. Their dedication and hard work paid off, as they were able to complete nine full-length songs, each showcasing their unique sound and individual proficiency on guitar and bass.

Lucas and Thomas' shared love of funk is evident in their music. They take inspiration from greats such as Stevie Wonder and modern masters like Vulfpeck, incorporating their own pop influences and contemporary twists. Their music is soulful and energetic, with intricate melodies backed by funky rhythms. Their combination of technical proficiency and artistic expression creates a sound that is both inspiring and energizing.

In their short time together, Lucas and Thomas have proven themselves to be talented and dedicated musicians. Their self-taught approach to music creation and production is a testament to their passion and drive. Having released their first album at the early age of 19, their music is sure to be enjoyed by fans for years to come.­­

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Guitar - Thomas Jensen

Bass - Lucas Aney

Drums - Lars Asmundsson

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Lead Vocals - Marie Solis

Saxophone - Conor Smith

Keyboard - Jeewon Park

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